Eddie Berman - Surrounded By The Sound Ten Covers By Eddie Berman

1. Faust Arp
2. The Things I Say
3. Clandestino
4. You Can Call Me Al
5. S.O.B
6. Pretty Pimpin
7. Fly
8. Train Song
9. Nothin’ in the World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘Bout That Girl
10. Square One

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Asked my new stylist team (wife & 4 year old) for the "breaking bad stand-in" -- I think they nailed it ...

Quarantine Cuisine with my wife: Homemade Saag Paneer and Chana Masala ...

"Quarantine's Hourglass, Empty" or "Liver Damage Meridian"⁣
Our new guidelines for alcohol consumption & commencement is:⁣⁣
Weekdays = Weekends⁣⁣
Weekends = 4th of July.

A year ago today we welcomed our beautiful second child into the world. She is truly as sweet, smart, funny, and tough as they come -- she's added an unfathomable depth and breadth of love to our family. ...