Eddie Berman - Surrounded By The Sound Ten Covers By Eddie Berman

1. Faust Arp
2. The Things I Say
3. Clandestino
4. You Can Call Me Al
5. S.O.B
6. Pretty Pimpin
7. Fly
8. Train Song
9. Nothin’ in the World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘Bout That Girl
10. Square One

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Just my cousin @dlynch6657 tossing 8 scoreless for the @kcroyals. No big deal. ...

CHEROKEE ROSE // You'd think with as much care as I put into these lyrics, I'd make the words more intelligible. But why sing clearly when you can just make a cool lyric video! Check it out at the link in the bio ...

Head over to this @spotify playlist to hear my new song "Cherokee Rose" and the freshest of folk (with no additives or artificial dyes) ...

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